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Hekate - Dark Plum & Sandalwood

Hekate - Dark Plum & Sandalwood

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Hekate is the Greek Goddess of magic and witchcraft, light, ghosts, necromancy, and the moon. She is often represented by keys, crows, ravens and crossroads. This deep, perfumed scent is a perfect representation of her dark powers.

If you desire a cosy home that smells luxurious, our high quality candles are perfect for you.

Scent Notes:
Dark plum - sandalwood
oak moss - sweet cherry plum - freesia

Small batch and hand poured candles filled with the highest concentration of luxury scent!
Our candles are made by hand in Leek, Staffordshire and burn for 40+ hours (7oz) and 20+ hours (3oz) providing memorable scents throughout your home. 

Available in a large tin (7oz), mini tin (3oz) wax melt (50g - 20+ hours)
Made from rapeseed and coconut wax, these candles are vegan and offer a clean burn when cared for correctly.

Burn the candle until an even pool of wax has melted to avoid tunnelling. Trim the wick to at least 5mm short before each burn.
Never leave unattended when burning.

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